about the harpers

Travis is a studly hunter man. Transplanted in Southern California from the good ol’ Southwest (Scottsdale to be exact), he enjoys his time: cooking what he kills, ballin’ with the boys, pursuing the Lord, followin’ ESPN + all it entails, drinking some good beer, and mostly – loving his wife! He is the best mix of masculine + kind hearted (yes, that combo works).

Joeley is a beautiful and spicy woman! She has a heart as big as Texas (yes, she tears up at sappy commercials). Her unique sense of style sets her apart and she has an eye for all things design. She is always up or down for an adventure or just a night in snuggling on the couch. Joeley is a wonderful friend to many and a woman after God’s own heart.  

We love Jesus and aim to be like Him every day (please know we are sinners and fail daily but His grace covers us). We met in college @ Azusa Pacific University, fell in love after college and got married (it’s a fun love – total God story that you can read here)! We are enjoying newlywed life, dating a ton, going on adventures, and building community! We try to keep things fun + new, but let’s be real, daily life is just as good! Thank you for stopping by! Can’t wait to share life with you.