Monday, November 24, 2014

30 years

a couple weeks ago, I sat down with my pastor to have coffee. we started talking about different seasons of life + one thing he said that has stuck with me is this.

"marriage is a marathon. you may have some 5 or 10k's along the way, maybe even a half marathon. but your marriage is the main marathon."

while I have never ran an actual marathon, I have been running my marriage marathon for 3.5 years now. and guess what?! my parents have been running theirs 30 years today.

30 years people!

within these three decades, they have accomplished a lot. I think some things they might be most proud of include but aren't limited to :

- raising 3 beautiful, wonderful children 
- two who are married to some of the best men
- those 3 children have given them 4 grandchildren
- they worked in ministry together for 18 years
- they headed up 2 church plants

I can't remember a time when my parents didn't open their doors to welcome people in + make them feel like part of the garcia family. they have filled their different homes with grandchildren, friends, family, mine + my siblings friends + spouses, people of all different walks of life, drug dealer (yes, this shit is real), ex-prostitutes that my mom has ministered to, etc. they are technically "empty nesters" now but instead have been raising a granddaughter for the last 5 months. 

they are selfless + generous

they are a great team

they compliment each other well + love each other big. 

they have put Christ at the center.

I wanted to write a quick blog post to honor them. I also felt like I had to write this to say : ya'll, love for 30+ years does exist. here is proof:

happy anniversary mom + daddy. i love yall.

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