Monday, September 1, 2014

maternity leave.

what a blessed 3 months of life. leaving APU for maternity leave, i had no clue exactly what the next couple months would look like. they were full of rest (well, the first two weeks before raegan came were) and loads of love.

the first two weeks, i was able to have a lot of nesting + solo time. it was exactly what i needed. i rested, walked a ton, took about every measure possible to meet tiny baby harps but mostly soaked up time just being 'me + trav'. being 6 days late made me learn patience, something the Lord knew i would need in motherhood.

then raegan hope arrived. june 17. a day i will never forget.

i remember people saying, you will never know a love like this. it's SO true. not only a love like what i've experienced with raegan, but a new + deeper love for my sexy husband + God. through the last couple months, i could not have done any of this without those two.

raegan, i'm crying writing this now. you are my little best friend. someone who i am so madly in love with. i can't imagine not being with you all day, everyday. thank you for coming into my life, allowing me to be your mama, giving me grace when i mess up, love + pointing me more towards Jesus. i have never known a love like you. i'm absolutely devastated to be leaving you 32 hours a week but know that our time together will be more rich + intentional. thanks for lighting up mine + your pops world. we are changed for the best because of you.

trav, i didn't think i could love you any more + then it happened. seeing you become a dad is the sweetest, most precious thing i could have ever asked for. the way you love rae melts me. i mean, i am liquid on the floor! you love her so big + love me big too! through this experience, i know we can make it through anything. the middle of the nights, the sleeplessness, the bonding, the joys, the richness in knowing raegan is our gift from the Lord. all of this has been priceless. thank you for creating new memories for our family. the first two weeks we had home with you were the best. me + raegan will miss visiting your office, lunch breaks + early morning snuggles. but the best is yet to come. i look forward to watching you grow more as a pops, teaching her how to crawl, walk + run, taking her on her first date, teaching her about Jesus + sports, and mostly, loving her unconditionally + being an earthly example of how our sweet Jesus loves us.

God, you have been so good to our little family. last year, at this exact time, i was in the trenches. walking through the miscarriage was the worst thing ever but you brought us through which has made us not take any of this for granted. you brought us joy for mourning + peace for misunderstanding. thank you for your goodness, your faithfulness in all things. and thank you for the best gift, raegan. she has warmed + filled our hearts to the brim. you know this kind of love because it's why you died for us.

thankful to be returning to a work that puts God first + will give me grace when i cry the whole first week back. see you tuesday am APU admissions!



Aly said...

Joeley You are so beautiful. This look suits you. Praise God that that little babe will be brought up with a great foundation!

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