Thursday, January 23, 2014

national handwriting day : treasure mail

christmas time is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons. the main being Christ's birth, but i also really look forward to receiving christmas cards. i'm obsessed with the family pictures + updates each one brings. anyone else or am i just that strange?!

i have always love the idea of going to the mail box, sorting through the junk mail + then the treasue mail! so today is reason to write a post on just that - treasure mail!

treasure mail : when one receives mail that isn't a bill, junk, or just stupid. it can come as one of the following examples. 
examples : wedding announcements or save the dates, baby/bridal shower invites, thinking of you cards, thank you letters, etc.
used in a sentence : omg! i got some treasure mail from my best friend!

one of my goals last year was to write treasure mail more often + mail them, with the good ol postal service. none of this technology crap. i did good the first couple months but then stopped. i tried to pick it back up but then felt like my christmas cards would suffice. lol all the way in december.

but in honor of national handwriting day, i'm here to challenge you to do just that.

hit up paper source or target + get some cute stationery with a good pen (those are so important in this process - any pen/sharpie obsessed people?! (my whole office!) ). write a card to someone you have been meaning to thank, or that you have been thinking of.

stamps don't cost that much, if you want i'll even cover your postage. but really, just spend the .46 cents. it will make someones day.

happy national handwriting day.

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