Wednesday, January 22, 2014


holy realness! i'm half way there. half way! 20 weeks! this is getting crazy!

i know i haven't blogged too much on pregnancy + for a reason. up until 18.5 weeks, i felt awful. morning sickness? i wish! it was all day sickness! i'm SO thankful to be over that + enjoying the second trimester!
here are some stats + funny facts :
baby size - mango / banana. 6.5 inches, 10.6 oz.
gender - technically, we can find out monday, but we aren't! we are going to wait until tiny baby harps come + be surprised. (if ya'll know me, i hate surprises, but i think this will be a good one! i also change my mind every other day, but for now, we are waiting until june!)
favorite moments - feeling tiny baby harps move! happens mostly @ night.
maternity clothes - bought my first pair of jeans. haven't worn them yet. been rocking the maxi dresses + stretchy pencil skirts (business professional for work ya'll).
miss anything - i'm not a BIG drinker, but i do miss an alcoholic beverage every once in a while.
cravings - i brought bread to make grilled cheese sandwich + peanut butter + jelly sandwich.
queasy or sick - finally not! praise the Lord! but really burpy (sorry for the details).
we are beyond stoked about our precious treasure. thanks for sharing in your excitement. we have loved all the gifts, texts, emails, calls + overall joy!


Hilary said...

You're going to be the cutest little mama. Can't wait to see this precious little mango. -Mrs. Hedwig

Anonymous said...

joeley! I'm so happy for you! You radiate joy and excitement. God bless you and your little bump. Enjoy this time. I love you.
-k shap