Monday, February 10, 2014

we are moving!

our home is almost finished being packed + we are headed out of this cute one bedroom apartment! going a whole 2 miles down the road but we will still be in pasadena.

we obviously needed to get a bigger place for tiny baby harps. but packing + reflecting back on this sweet little home, i got sad. real sad.

it's the first place i've felt like home since being married. our AZ apartment was great, but just didn't ever feel like our home. unit d in pasadena definitely did. it had character + cuteness that was fun to entertain + just want to be in.

this home is full of so many memories (including but not limited to):
awesome moments with the Lord
banners being hung to celebrate the different holidays
tables full of people - eating + celebrating community
clothing swaps
football games with victories + defeats
game nights with friends
tears in hard, trying seasons
conversations that made me + trav better spouses
dgroup girls hang outs + sleepovers
our first holidays away from both sides of the family
family + friends visiting from all over the country
and so many more i can't list or else i'll cry (#pregnancyproblems)

unit d, you've been so good to us. i'm really sad to leave because i've had some of the best moments in my life right in this sweet spot. but i know that what God has next for us is even better. i'm excited for an actual house instead of an apartment, a baby room, original hardwood floors throughout, a backyard + most importantly - a dishwasher! and ya'll are invited over!

hope you have a happy monday. sorry for walking down memory lane! 

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so sweet. i just love your blog so. onward!!