Sunday, January 12, 2014

happy new year!

9 12 days late but still wanted to wish ya'll the best!
2013 was a year full of greatness. recap of it all.
january : hit up the pasadena rose bowl parade. slept on the street corner, made great friends, had a bomb breakfast burrito made by my hubby + shawn. will definitely do this again.
february : one of my favorite traditions. valentine's day themed dates! greek style took the cake! more details here.
march : 2 year anniversary! our annual spring training trip with about 20 of our college best friends.

april : my birthday month! smash + jordan came out + we celebrated all three of us. it was a blast to say the least!

may : one word - CABO!

june : the LLS campaigned wrapped up. what an incredible team + journey to be apart of. this gal won woman of the year in our hearts. (me + brim @ a LLS pub crawl to raise money!) then me + trav @ LLS gala.

july : 4th of july in prescott, az for nana + papa's annual party. pit stop @ grand canyon where we got engaged!

august : AFRICA!

september : mom's birthday + 20 years @ ICLV! what a ministry this woman has!

october: trav's birthday + finding out about TINY BABY HARPS.
november : thanksgiving in vegas + grandpapa's wedding.

december : our neice gracie was born! the holidays in az + tahoe. so wonderful!

this year was awesome. lots of weddings, babies + tons of blessings! we are so excited about 2014 cause of our sweet #tinybabyharps arrival in june. in the mean time, be looking forward to some serious blogging here.

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