Friday, February 15, 2013

valentines: greek god style

so every valentine's, we have made it our tradition to do themed dinners.
this years theme: GREEK!
before the theme really got started, i woke up to a yummy breakfast by trav. my favorite egg sandwich, with compliments of blood orange juice, turkey bacon + berries (all things red!)!
then, @ work: these beauties were delievered! such a little romantic. i wasn't expecting them at all either. love my tulips babe!
after work, our place was decked out. my sweet husband came home to greece!
a little menu action for ya'll:
some table scape going on. (did blues + whites for to match the greece flag). candles were a must. i didn't have any statues laying around or else they would have been around this area.
meal: i didn't take a pix of our food but it sure was yummy. if you read the menu pictured above, you can see we started off with pita chips + hummus. had a fresh greek salad (extra feta :) ). lamb with tatiziki + greens in a pita. rife pilaf to compliment that. red wine all night. baklava unfortunately never made an appearance (we're probably better off without it anyway!). such a great dinner!
dree code: oh and then this happened! my handsome hubby in a toga! what a HOT greek god!
me in my greek get up!
movie: and don't forget the best part.... my big fat greek wedding! this movie cracks me up!
it was a fun, loved filled day. i hope ya'll felt as loved + special as any person should.
happy {belated} valentine's day. xoxo

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