Monday, December 23, 2013

update ya!

omg! i haven't posted since halloween!
i didn't realize first trimester would really take it all outta me {mamas out there, can you feel me?!}! all i wanted to do was sleep, sleep, eat so i wouldn't be nauseous, and then sleep some more. i'm SO thankful to be over with that. but for goodness sake, i'm trying to make a baby here! one of my girlfriends posted this + it couldn't be more true.
lol. anyways, i would love to update ya'll (the 5 of you who read this blog - i love you).
we have a story that i have been wrestling with posting for months. i'm just gonna do it. but not quite yet. after Christmas.
so be ready! in the mean time, Merriest Christmas. don't forget the reason why we celebrate. it's all for Him.
love. xoxo

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