Tuesday, October 8, 2013

day 8: love is...

1 corinthians 13:4
"love cares more for others than self. love doesn't want what it doesn't have. love doesn't strut, doesn't have a swelled head,"
selfless. not jealous. not proud.
those are the words that come to mind when i read the rest of verse 4.
selfless: love doesn't have to have the attention to do a good job. it just gives. selflessly gives without looking for glory.
not jealous: let's be real, sometimes its hard not to be jealous. "oh but she is prettier than me. she has a better job/ house/ car/ situation than i do." ladies + gentlemen, we can compare all day + be jealous of what we don't have, but where does that get us?! no where. + don't let me fool you! i work daily on not being jealous. it's hard. but love doesn't want what it doesn't have. a commentary wrote : love keeps its distance from envy + does not resent it when someone else is promoted or blessed.
not proud: love focuses on the needs of others. it's humility at it's finest.
working today on being selfless, not jealous + not proud.

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