Monday, October 7, 2013

day 7: love is...

did that video have you undone or what?!?! i loved it. bawled my eyes out. like a baby.
so my sister gave me the idea to break down love a little bit. and by that, i mean take it back to scripture. {can i get an amen!?}
okay, so over the next couple days/weeks, we are going to dissect one of my favorite passages : 1 corinthians 13. (this was the first chapter of the Bible i ever memorized. i just LOVE it!)
<< just to let ya'll know, i'm not a theologian or a bible scholar. i just love the Word of God + i'm simply trying to live out it's truths + learn from it. so if i leave out any sort of commentary or if you interpret it differently, write it in comments. would love to hear ya'lls thoughts on it! >>
so i'm real into the message - let's start with 1 corinthians 13:4.
"love never gives up."
never. gives. up.
love is a second chance giver. we've all been there right? needed that second chance of love + grace? that's what love does. it doesn't give up. and then after that second chance, it's relentless. it doesn't stop. it keeps giving.  
but it doesn't mean that we will always have success with love. like this commentary said, "we must not give up on love simply because we have been hurt or because we haven't seen the result we hoped to see. God manifests Himself through love."
 sometimes when we love, it hurts. but when i think of love never giving up, i think of our Papa Jesus who never stops loving us. His love is unconditional. it's that second chance, good, big love that will never end. it knows no limits + keeps giving.
here's a song that reminds me of this exactly :


today, i'm thankful for a love that never gives up. what a gift.
happy monday!

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darien faith said...

Thanks for this encouragement Joeley! Excited for more :)