Wednesday, October 9, 2013

day 9: love does....

so bob goff is this awesome dude who published a book called love does. i have been reading this book for months + had the urge to finish it tonight. fitting for this 31 day challenge of love stories!


in one chapter titled "memorizing Jesus", he talks about the idea of stalking Jesus. as Christians, we try to study every ounce of the Bible, know every fact, scripture, story, etc. he wrote: "wouldn't it be horrible if we studied the ones we loved instead of bonding in deeper ways by doing things with them?" that struck me. when i first started dating Trav, i wanted to do everything with him. if he sent me a list of facts + statistics about himself, i would have been so over him. lol but i loved being with him + getting to know him by going on adventures, learning about hunting, living out life with him. 

so bob was super challenged by the idea of not just studying the Bible, but by doing the Bible. instead of going to his traditional Bible study, he met with the same guys + started calling it a "Bible doing." "...we read what God has to say + then focus all of our attention on what we are going to do about it."

this has been something that has been challenging me this past year. we started going to an awesome church called new abbey where we live out what we learn from the Bible. our church is involved in the community + tries to be as much like Jesus as we can be. "If we engaged like that, you'll be able to remember Bible verses better because you're living them instead of just reading them."

i want to challenge ya'll to do love. don't just study it from the stories i write on here or about how we picture love to look like. go live it out. take someone out to get a pedicure, bring them some cookies, get to know your neighbor, have them over for dinner, hang out with the homeless, do something out of your comfort zone!

happy {HUMP} day!

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