Friday, March 22, 2013

flea market find

one of the best parts about living in pasadena is all the flea markets! {me + trav are suckers for a good flea market}
we love the pasadena city college one on the first Sunday of every month. it's free + a lot of the vendors are the same ones as the ones @ the rose bowl.
the rose bowl {second sunday of every month} is HUGE + overwhelming, but has the best of the best! i highly recommend going. it's a great place to see celebs too.
here was my favorite find from the PCC flea market earlier this month:
it's an egg basket. the man who sold it to me told me, when you're out on your farm {which we don't have obviouslyyyy}, you put your eggs in a basket {literally} like this! i tried to put fruit in it but it collasped! so i settled for hand towels!
here's a selfie trav took of me leaving the market. i LOVE spring + the beautiful flowers it brings!
now listen, i can't go buck wild @ the flea markets cause we have a cozy {stuffed} one bedroom apartment. SO... if you just moved or are decorating a babies room - come shop with me! if you can't, i would love to shop for you. if you are even in the market for something specific, let me know so i can keep my eyes peeled!
hope you have a great weekend!

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