Wednesday, March 20, 2013

phx: spring training

most of you might know, but in case you don't - it's spring training season baby! this means, that MLB teams from all around the country meet in arizona or florida for the month of march + train for the upcoming season!
since my husband was in college, him + all his best buds would go out for a weekend; enjoy some games, the sunshine + each other!
now that some are married/dating, the wives/girlfriends have been invited! it's my 4th spring training + can honestly say, one of my favorite weekends of the year!
here are my highlights:
{@ the angels/marineers game.}
traveling with good people is the best. these are all good people.
{dinner out @ salty sow in scottsdale: go!}
this man is not only my best friend + husband, but he is the funniest person i know. i love how he has made this a tradition that i get to be a part of!
1st annual man-lympics. they were 7 events, 10 dudes, 7 cheerleaders + a whole lot of fun!
some of the crew after whiffle ball! trav's team {team awesome} was down 0-3. however, they made a comeback + tied it during whiffle ball! the final event, they dominated in! nice work team awesome. special shout out to: danny {MVP}!
 we made a mean mexican meal! everyone was hands on in the kitchen. margaritas, guac, yummy rice, carne asade.
the losers of man-lympics. they had to wear sports bras to the game sunday for the first three innings. they made their pictures taken, rainbow snowcones ordered + i'm sure great tan lines!
the weekend was incredible. thanks to all who made it out + possible. can't wait for #STAZ2014 + the traditions that will live on!
happy spring! xoxo

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