Wednesday, January 23, 2013

heart attack...

it's the last week of january, so you know what that means....
it's {almost} valentine's day!
i started with some decorations we already had but am about to go out shopping for some more! here is what's hanging around so far!
i made trav a heart book for our first valentine's day: "25 things i love about you". from those hearts, i made a banner. call me a pack rat, i say i'm sentimental.
still have our mini trees up {i justify it by saying - it's still winter}. so i threw some heart ornaments on them!
this banner was made our wedding by my sister. i need to outline the letters to really make them pop. once again, sentimental. and who doesn't love our antlers?!?!
lil vignette of some valentine decor!
it's not much yet but had to get it up!
oh ya, speaking of valentine's day. we like to do a themed valentine's every year. last year, we did western. check that out here. so any ideas of themes?! get at me!

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