Thursday, February 16, 2012

fancy friday: themed meals.

how was everyone's valentine's?! hopefully perfect!

we stayed in this valentine's and had a blast! we planned a themed dinner! fancy that!

theme: western!

dress code: western wear. as you can imagine- i had my cowgirls boots on, plaid to the max. best part- i had a smokin' hot cowboy more decked out then me! (bummed i didn't get a pix of this goodness!)

meal: fried steak (courtesy pioneer woman), mashed potatoes, and good ol' corn on the cob!

kitchen chaos!

dessert: yummy peanut butter rice krispy treats (not western but too good to pass up!)

movie: tombstone (good flick- filmed in AZ!)

hope y'all fancied that! have you ever been to/had a themed meal party? i want to have a themed saturday breakfast soon. you in? let me know. details to follow.

have a great weekend!



For the Love of Hair said...

fancy! look at you southern lady.

For the Love of Hair said...

p.s this is katelyn

r o y a l said...

You'd better believe that my next dinner party is going to be western.