Tuesday, October 9, 2012


life is so full + rich. sometimes it nice to take a moment + soak all of that in, especially when celebrating life.
i've been celebrating trav for the last week and a half and it has been FUN! the week leading up to his birthday, i got him {small + useful} birthday gifts everyday. examples: golf balls, stuff for fishing, surprise starbucks at work, etc.
i decorated the house the morning of and had a healthy start to the day with a donut run for birthday breakfast.
unfortunately, we weren't able to meet up for lunch, but we continued the celebration for dinner! we ate at this yummy spot in pasadena called il fornaio. {most handsome 27 year old!)
i loved having the night with him. we ate good food and i was able to tell him some things the Lord shared with me that he was going to do in his 27th year of life. that was special. and that yummy looking dessert was icing on the cake!
then we went shopping and got some cute new birthday clothes.
we didn't stop the celebrating after the actual day... we continued it for a weekend in palm springs. we were surrounded by some great friends, bomb food, and a beautiful location!
i planned a surprise birthday dinner after the guys golfed 36 holes on saturday! thanks to the help of the wonderful ladies there, we set up a great party!
our yummy spread: steaks, grilled corn, garlic mashed potatoes + mac+cheese.
for dessert: funfetti cupcakes + cigars for the fellas.
my spontaneous "photobooth" {this pic ended up being the only pic taken there that night!}

serious guy time - bonding over cigars.

thankful for this great weekend. celebrating, relaxing, rejuvenating, and lots of eating!



Jacque and Chad said...

You are such a cute wife! I miss you!

Travis said...

Love the blogggg... you rock babe!!!