Tuesday, November 20, 2012

thankful tuesday

at church on sunday, pastor mark shared a word that moved me. it was about thankfulness.

he said in the next couple days, think about people, experiences, and gifts to be thankful for.

the first person that popped into my head was my grandmama. a year ago, at this time, we (only about 35 family members) were gathered around her bed, listening to worship with her, lathering her in prayer, and saying our goodbyes.

to go back to this event, in my head + heart, hurts and pains me much.

you see, my grandmama was an incredible woman. a woman who raised 8 beautiful children. who in return have/are raising 21 children who are now raising 22 children. grandmama lived a good, full life. a life for the story books.

one thing i always admired about grandmama was the way she loved God + my grandpapa. my whole life, she was Jesus with skin on. she would fill the house with worship and thank Jesus for everything.

when we were about 8, 9, and 10, she would make us wake up around 8, and watch benny hinn for 30 minutes before we started our day. i didn't get the significance at the time. i thought it was absurd to watch a man in all white pray over people and see them fall out all over stage. she would sit in her chair and cry and pray. i thought she was crazy but realized she truly loved the Lord. had a real relationship with him. it was inspiring to see.

she wasn't able to make our wedding last year. it was very sad. i remember calling her, with my parents in the car, on our way to the venue. i had to get off the phone because she started crying saying how bad she wish she could have been there to see me. i said, grandmama my make up is perfect, but it's about to get smeared everywhere! LOL thank God for modern technology because we were able to Skype her in!

one thing she did without fault was love my grandpapa. i would catch them often, flirting with each other in the kitchen. holding each other's hands on the couch. any chance they had to be next to each other, they would take it.

it's crazy how much has happened in a year without her here to see/experience the changes, the growth, and yet the sadness of missing her. i know she has the biggest heavenly home, waiting for all her family to make it there. she has probably already started doing puzzles in preparation! i know she is in heaven, smiling often, thinking about the legacy she has.

be thankful today. do something about it. write a card, tell someone, share a story.

have a happy tuesday. xoxo

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