Wednesday, October 3, 2012

best day in the world!

john travis harper was born on october 3, 1985.
27 years ago, trina gave birth to a studly son and i am thankful everyday that she did.
travy, you make my world go round. your life; the joy, wisdom, and love you bring to me daily astounds me. you move me in ways that are only of the Lord.
you are a man who: fears the Lord, adores your wife, loves your family, has the best, hardest work ethic, enjoys the great outdoors and all things manly, gives me insight on any and all sports, always is fun to be with, has kind eyes, a beautiful heart, and a generous spirit. you are unlike any other.
and so today, i celebrate you. so thankful that you have made this world a better place the last 27 years.
happy birthday best friend + lover.
let's party like it's your birthday... cause it is.

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