Tuesday, July 3, 2012

pasadena weekend!

i have never been so excited to just be home on a weekend! we have been gone every weekend for over two months straight! we got to hang around pas, go on hot dates, and laugh a lot. 

friday night we went to a music festival with some friends. had a picnic and danced reggae all night. too good. 

and got to play with this pup- troy!
saturday, we wanted to try a new restaurant every meal- get out, know some new spots, get acquainted ya know?! and oh boyyyy!

am: martson's. in this cutie little house- best french toast! crusted in corn flakes. strawberries on the side. stop- so good right?! yes. 

afternoon: too stuffed for lunch so we did iced coffee's and shopped all around the americana. cute outdoor mall- kinda reminded me of the grove.

pm: city thai. we were craving some hot + spicy! huge success! best thai iced tea on this side of thailand!

sunday: morning hang out + sleep in! lunch with some of my fav vegas people! (doesn't trav look good with a baby?!) and dinner with some great pas people. 

pasadena weekend: it felt good to be here, soak up this cutie city we live in + explore. we love living here and feel so blessed to be around community + beauty!

hope y'all had a great weekend + happy almost 4th! xoxo 


Matt and Katelyn said...

Lookin good girl! Hope to see you when I visit in a few weeks:)

joeley hope said...

get your booty here NOW! i need brodes. wait- when do you arrive?!