Wednesday, June 27, 2012

summa time

we all need one. every season we need one. typically it’s my bucket list, but let’s be honest, I need a summer must do list:

-camping (either on beach or in wilderness)
-find a new fav dinner spot with a killer patio (to enjoy the perfect weather)
-take the Metro into LA and have an adventure
-turn off all electronics for 24 hours (iphone, ipad, tv, etc.) and just be.
-make a pie
-make a fort in our living room (I’m real into the camping theme if you can’t tell!)
-deep clean closet
-go to a concert
-send 5 letters by mail to friends
-have an Olympics party

I know there are plenty more on the must do list! what do you plan on doing this summer?!



Jacque and Chad said...

Awww your so cute! I wish I could go camping but with this belly...not fun :)

r o y a l said...
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