Friday, July 6, 2012

fancy friday: office get up

so i'm not gonna lie - i work with the cutest, trendiest, most on point ladies ever! i love my office and especially the people in it. fancy friday will be featuring some of the ladies + their work style!

today we have sweet rosie. i met rosie when we were both students here many years ago :) she is kind, fun + always a sexy party! rosie never misses a beat - she is always fashionable and loves herself some accessories (i mean, check out that necklace!). we love it too cause we get to "ooohhh" and "ahhhh" everything she sports! 

her get up:
-shirt: J Crew Outlet ($21) 
-skirt: H&M ($24.99) 
-flats: Steve Madden from DSW ($49) 
-necklace: Ebay ($15)

(don't mind our cheesy office pix- we just have fun!)

hope y'all have a fancy friday + great weekend! XOXO

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