Tuesday, July 10, 2012

story time sunday: SURPRISES!

if you really knew me, you'd know i LOVE surprises! and this weekend, i got one of the best ones yet! my sweet girls that i mentor, came to visit me from AZ this weekend. 

meet them!

meet morgan: a sweet college freshmen who will be coming to APU (meaning i will see her everydayyyyy) in the fall. morgie loves blogging, laughing and looks great in her new cute jeep! she is a JOY to be around and has a beautiful heart.

here's abbie! headed off to TCU in the fall, to get an education and line dance a lot! abs is the best singer in the world! she worships and ushers people into the presence of God and it is unreal! she is a true gem!

here's kristyn: kristyn is going back to u of a in the fall - and will be apart of the best sorority in the world (already know it!)! kristyn is a beautiful example of Jesus + gets to love on little babes at the church nursery! LUCKY! she is a love bug!

 meet paige: paigerz goes to TCU and has a cutie BF (shout out caleb!)! she is a true fashionista in every sense of the word! she has a huge heart for Africa + will return one day. in the mean time, she is going to show abs the ropes of being a true texas girl! wee-hawwww! 

last but not least, meet shaye: shaye has the joy of being a cougar with me (APU- come on now people!!) shaye is a bundle of a good time and cares for the cutest puppies @ a local animal store. she cracks me up and has a fun outlook on life that is contagious! 

i went to get coffee in the morning and when i got home, 5 of the cutest gals were sitting on my couch. i cried (literally) and was SO happy! i couldn't help but start planning a million things to do in the short time they were here. 

we hit up abricott in pasadena for some yummy breakfast!

then headed straight for hermosa beach! what a joy to lay on a big blanket, have heart to hearts, laugh, relax, all while getting some serious girl hang time and a tan! holler! 

then we stayed in for take out thai food, and games. ("i keep forgetting to pick up cards!" -paige) then we had to venture to the ultimate- 21 choices! we all ended up with circus animal cookie which is always a goodie! fell asleep to a movie- 5 small bodies in my tiny living room! 

woke up to a yummy coffee cake and eggs breakfast! then went to the rose bowl flea market. we all could have bought everything there but refrained! it was a blast.

girls- thank you for blessing me with some quality time, laughs, and memories. y'all mean the world to me. LOVE YOU DEARLY!

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