Wednesday, June 15, 2011

simple times.

i've been itching to do a simple project. and this one is simple! in fact, it didn't cost a dime! which we love projects like that!

-3 fabric flowers
-hot glue gun

here is that we started out with.

(a blank frame- which has been sitting in my closet since high school1 hoarder?!?! lol)

then we nailed in the twine and knotted in the back of the frame. we did two layers cause i have a lot of earrings!

then we added screws to the bottom. and i hot glued on my flowers (that i used at our wedding on the mason jars with candles in it). we did this for the cute factor :).

and waah la- here is it! a fun way to display jewelry!

enjoy your wednesday!


1 comment:

Whitney said...

Too Cute Jo! :) so crafty...