Sunday, June 19, 2011

my daddy.

my daddy is the best.

it's true! he is!

from being a little girl, until today, he has always been my biggest fan. i remember growing up, my dad would be at all my soccer games, swim meets, student council assemblies and the list goes on!

i look up to him in so many ways. he is administrative, highly creative, strong, and the biggest teddy bear in the world. over the recent years, he has become more sensitive and i LOVE it.

one of my favorite memories is walking down the aisle with him. he cried the whole way down! but before we walked out, he told me how much he has enjoyed me as a daughter and how proud he was of me. he then went on to say, you were princess garcia, but now you're queen harper. lol as cheesy as you might think that is, i will never forget it!

thanks daddy for making me feel like a princess my whole life. and thank you for entrusting my king with me.

i love you. dearly.
happy father's day.


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PJ said...

Thanks my sweetie... love and miss you dearly. Your words mean so much to me, and I treasure them in my heart.