Monday, June 13, 2011

cabin trip.

this past weekendAlign Center we went to christopher creek. trav's family has a cabin there. it was an awesome weekend of relaxing, laughing, singing karaoke, eating, swinging in trees, fishing, reading, hanging with the in-laws, and hiking.


(me and my sexy husband)

(my husband being a boy in the creek!)

(me swinging in the trees)

get this! then we get home to 24 hours of cha.os! we came home to travis' brand new bike get stolen and our sweet fish, kate spade, dead! ya it was pretty sad. both of it. and then, tonight, not even 24 hours later- our bed completely broke, fell apart! we have to get a whole new set! i told trav- we look back and laugh at this.... maybe not the dead fish part, or the stolen bike- but the broken bed?!?! hope you all had a great weekend!


2 comments: said...

broken bed?!?? yoww yoww.

Jacque and Chad said...

I am jealous the cabin sounds fun...but I agree with the other aren't suppose to admit when you break your bed Jojo