Sunday, February 13, 2011

27 days

for the past 24 hours, i have been learning about the "good life" according to trav. the good life of saving money when first getting married!

me and trav made dinner last night from frozen foods before we headed to the movies where we had free movie passes and popcorn vouchers! total cost- $7.81.
we watched: "just go with it" which i highly recommend!
then today, after church, we ran a ton of wedding errands and got costco lunch for a total of $6.36 with a hot dog combo, chicken bake and dessert too! the frozen yogurt!

and later today, we will be getting schooled by trina on how to use coupons for grocery shopping (she is a pro!)! *az residents- did you know that when you shopped at fry's- you can present them with coupons from any competitor and get the same discount!

saving money is fun, but dedicated work! i'll let you know later how much we saved on groceries later!


Robyn said...

Joeley do you have a fever?

Ashton + Brian said...

yay for your countdown! that will come so quickly...until the last week. then it's sooo sloooow. i'm so excited for you!

Cody & Britt said...

atta girl! glad to see my couponing is rubbing off on you :) ha! whatever, you seem like a pro now or something...i'm gonna need to start taking lessons from you!

norma u said...

Ditto what your mom said, and did you stop by Nordstroms on your way and SWIPE that card?
You're too cute! Loving the blog.

Linda Whitaker said...

I will send you a budget sheet... it is AWESOME!