Monday, February 14, 2011

26 days! Happy Love Day!

i can't believe a year ago- me and trav shared our first kiss today! lol (tmi?)

oh ps- i saved $12.52 yesterday on groceries! with coupons involved! i even beat trina (the pro coupon queen)!
here is my victory pic:

okay so 26 days left! today, i decided to surprise trav decorate the house a lil and make dinner for him:

(this is our kitchen! lol)

it ended up being a little different than planned (we had to go to our last premartial counseling session) and ended up leaving everything in the oven to stay warm! but after our lovely meeting of planning the ceremony, we came home and it tasted soooooo good!

how did you enjoy your love day?!?!

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