Saturday, February 12, 2011

28 days!

28 days: isn't there a movie called that?

well 4 weeks my friends til i marry the man i love! i was thinking last night as we were trying food for the rehearsal dinner with his family, and ran to lowe's to get some wood and stuff for wedding projects- i can't wait to be a wife.

in proverbs 31- it talks about about being a virtuous wife. i pray that i am all of what it speaks of but i know i have a lot to learn! majority of it i need to work on... but i'm gonna need some help with this one from other wives!

"She's up before dawn, preparing breakfast

for her family and organizing her day."

i'm gonna need you all to send me your favorite recipes! lol

i also loved this!

"Her clothes are well-made and elegant,

and she always faces tomorrow with a smile."

what a way to live life! fancy and smiling!

and boy oh boy do i love this one!

"Her children respect and bless her;

her husband joins in with words of praise:
"Many women have done wonderful things,
but you've outclassed them all!" "

it's been a way fun 24 years of being single! but i cannot wait for 4 weeks and 30 minutes from today, walking down the aisle with my handsome daddy at my side, looking at my treasure at the end!

have a good weekend! xo


PJ said...

Love you Joeley... I just bookmarked this site on my laptop... so I can keep up with all the fun.

Robyn said...

he's getting a treasure too~
this brought tears to my eyes..
I am proud of you joeley for being such a pure girl~