Saturday, June 15, 2013

arbonne: cover it up.

happy saturday!

lately, i've been needing some extra coverage. these late nights watching episodes of scandal or enjoying this gorgeous weather. give me some extra make up for these bags under my eyes! can i get an amen?!

mamas, staying up late with the babes? young'ns, pulling all nighters for grad night? working ladies, staying late @ the office during busy season?!

i've got you covered!

introducing my new fav arbonne product... {drum roll}

tinted mositurizer:

this works magic! its light just for this beautiful summer weather + has natural looking coverage. it also has SPF 15! if you are looking for something like this, let me know. my skin is lovin it too.

off to the LLS gala! but of course, got myself covered with my tinted mositurizer! 

here's to a great weekend!

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