Thursday, June 20, 2013

a house divided: game on!

so tonight is game 7: spurs v. heat.
since my lakers + travy's suns aren't in the finals, here are our predictions:
travy: lebron + miami heat. 3 years ago i hated you. 2 years ago i loved it when you lost in the finals to dirk + the mavs. least year, i actually felt happy for you getting your rings. this year i'm rooting for you. why? the spurs are my 2nd most hated team next to the lakers. secondly, i actually enjoy watching you play. lebron, you are truly the most talented athlete the league had ever seen. and lastly, lebron is the single most criticized  athlete on the planet, and there is something intriguing about silencing your critics. i want you to see it, taste it and grab it tonight. show us what you can do, once again + be champions!
joeley: i saw tony parker where we went clubbin for my bachlorette party in vegas a couple years ago, so i'm going SPURS! lol that's not the only reason... i really don't love the heat. don't get me wrong, d wade's swag is on point. but i gotta go spurs. heat won last year, let's give someone else the chance to be champs! duncan looks like he's getting old so let's help him get his ring! also, ginobbli is argentine + i love my argentine athletes! GO SPURS!
we will see who wins tonight... stayed tuned to see what the loser has to do!
good luck! xoxo

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