Friday, May 24, 2013

a f r i c a

i remember being in college + the joke in our apartment was "you aren't a real Christian until you go to Africa." at the time, 5 out of 7 roomies had been to africa. me + whit were missing out!
whit + her husband went last year + they L O V E D it! so i was the only "non - christian" left out of the college roomies.
this summer, my friends, i'm becoming a Christian (joking) + heading to Africa with my sweet travy!
i could not be MORE stoked!
we will be going with a foundation called : the charis foundation.
travy went with them almost 4 years ago when we first started "talking/flirting/dating/flying to see each other". lol it's a place where his heart is + i cannot wait to share in this adventure with him!
{i mean please, what a BABE!}
the Lord is opening doors + we are walking through them! just wanted to ask you to partner with us in prayer! we will be in Kenya + Ethiopia from August 5th-17th. cover our team in areas of travel, ministry, strength, building relationships with churches, kids camps, church plants, etc!
i cannot wait to be used as a vessel during this trip. we are honored + humbled to serve such a good God!
thanks for your encouragement, love + support!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is great news. Can't wait to hear of your trip. When is Cabo? AND, what did you think of Bread and Wine? Finally, coming to Redding anytime soon? There are babies here that need to meet you...

Robyn said...

Do you need some support$

Joeley said...

who couldn't use support money?! haha you can donate here:!donate/c21dx