Wednesday, April 24, 2013

arbonne's for men too!

alright men, boys, dudes! i know you are feeling a little neglected with all this arbonne talk! well guess what?! it's just as much for ya'll as it is for me!
a girlfriend of mine was telling me the other day that her husband loves his post balm shave gel. he has super sensitive skin + has enjoyed it. he said he didn't need/want fash wash or lotion though!
gentlemen! i hate to tell you this, but you age just like everyone else does! the only difference is us ladies are the ones who have to look @ you for the rest of our lives! so do yourselves a favor + get on board with the re9 men's anti aging line! your skin will thank you in your 60s.

RE9 Advanced for Men Set
in fact: men's health magazine recognized arbonne's re9 line in their recent issue! they labeled this line the best cheap grooming products for men! that says something!

so gentlemen, get your goodies. ladies, order your men their goodies. we love nothing more than looking at a handsome face!

happy wednesday! xoxo

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