Monday, April 22, 2013


ya'll. let me just take this post to let you know about something... the movie 42.
i promise i won't give anything away (ya'll know what happens anyway). but seriously, the adversity + hatred jackie endured blew me away. the movie did a great job @ showing how cruel people were to him. at the same time, i think he went through more than any of us can imagine. it was a powerful movie. one that obviously goes down in history books. one that ya'll cannot go another weekend without seeing!
take aways:
- never stop influencing cultures. had jackie listened to criticism, he would not have revolutionized the course of history for thousands (soak that in for a minute).
- encourage + support your spouse in all they do. jackie's wife was an anchor to him. she encouraged him through difficulties, stood by his side through criticism, and did it all with grace. i would have been up in flames if anyone ridculed my sweet travy. she knew who she was + who jackie was, as an athlete + person. she didn't let anything get to her.
- bring tissues. i'm emotional - i know. but literally sobbed the entire time. it probably didn't help that the lady sitting next to me hysterically, i mean uncontrollably bawled her eyes out.
even if you aren't a huge baseball fan, this movie will move you. it's part of history. please do yourself a favor + go see it. #noregrets
we ran into the jackie robinson memorial field this weekend. took a pix of my babe:

sorry but he's so sexy!
then the field:

there was a men's league game going on. i'm still trying to talk travy into going out for the MLB. would ya'll come out + support?! lol
go see the movie. let me know if you your thoughts.
happy monday! xo 

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