Sunday, March 3, 2013


we bought tickets for CABO!
i'm SO excited! i've never been before + neither has trav. we were talking about it the other day with out friends, the marcus' + the guys decided to book the trip!
i've been looking up pix of the all inclusive (which i've never done all inclusive before) + i'm out of my mind stoked!
i'm ready for sunny beaches, poolside sparkling water, massages, tons of food + rest!
if you've been to cabo, or done all inclusive, send your recommendations this way.
may can't come soon enough!
have a great week ya'll!


Jacque and Chad said...

By far the only way to go is all inclusive especially in Mexico I have done it twice now and loved it!!! Get ready to eat and drink a lot ;)

joeley hope said...

haha jacque! next trip needs to be a hunting one! you down?! maybe glamping? haha xoxo