Monday, March 4, 2013

baby gift-spiration!

my facebook, instagram + twitter are blowin' up with the cutest little bodies i've ever seen!
yes i'm probably talking about your baby... or baby bump!
the tiny toes, fingers, bodies! ahhh! i'm just eating it up!
and mama's - don't get me started on your cute baby bumps! ya'll were just created to do what you are doing!
congrats to all you new mama's + dad's out there. seriously - keep producing babies cause i squirm + giggle at every pix!
now to my friends who are attending a baby shower every weekend... here's the deal! you already are buying baby gifts correct?! so let's get them a beneficial product while we are at it!
here's my go-to baby shower gift!
ABC Body Lotion
ABC Hair & Body Wash
ABC Sunscreen
pick one or all + pair it with a cute towel or soft clothes!
then wrap it cute:
{still obsessed with yarn + yarn balls}
and wah-lah. you have the cutest baby gift!
hope ya'll enjoyed! now come get some baby love product! the mama's to be will thank you!

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