Tuesday, February 26, 2013

exciting news!

so i have some exciting news for ya'll (no we are NOT pregnant!)!

i've been holding back from you something i have been doing for the last two months...

i started my own business! (SCREAMMMMMM)
it's called arbonne + it's an amazing company that i absolutely love! arbonne has pure, safe + beneficial products! they have everything from a nutrition line (which i'm obsessed with - protein shakes every morning!), a cosmetics line (lovin their bronzer), a baby line (yes pregnant friends, you are most likely getting this at your showers!), men's line (trav loves it), anti-aging line (who doesn't want to look 10 years younger?!) + many more!
i'm excited about this new journey in owning my own business; helping people better understand what could be harmful + beneficial to their bodies, spoiling my skin with some great product and one of the best parts - making some extra money!
would love to share more about the products and company with ya'll! we can schedule something with a couple friends, or meet up for a coffee date. you just let me know {no pressure of course!}.
 just wanted to share why i have been a lil MIA.


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Whitney said...

Yay! Jo i'm so excited for you!Everyone you have got to try these products, totally and completely herbal. :)