Sunday, February 24, 2013

and the best dressed oscar goes to....

what a night! everything from the movies, to the actors, to the yummy food i made! lol
but let's be real, let's talk about who wore the best.
ladies + gentlemen.... my top 5 oh my drop dead gorgeous friends are:
halle berry:
the dress is so sleek, classy + lets be real - sexy! and your hair is unreal. i just think you knocked it out of the ball park sister. teach me your ways! my hubby votes her #1.
charlize theron:
holy. moly. who are you?! my girlfriend kept saying, she can't go up anymore! lol i couldn't agree more karissa. she can't. she's @ the top + rockin it! love the hair. (are ya'll seeing a theme?! i want to CHOP my hair off. but i won't!)
amy adams:
if i could go back to my wedding day, this would be my dress. in white. OMG. it's stunning. love the sweetheart cut, love the the layers, love it all.
naomi watts:
girl, you glitter! i've never seen anything like this + i absolutely love it! your hair also looks incredible!
last but not least....
jennifer garner:
wow. that color. the back of this dress. perfect necklace. perfect date.
congrats ya'll. you made my best dressed list. lol now you are sure going down in history!
hope ya'll enjoyed it as much as i did. i didn't win our oscar game, but i did win best cookies! lol


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Whitney said...

Obsessed with Amy Adams! I'm into all that frill and fluff that dress is Stunning!