Wednesday, April 18, 2012


american idol, season 1 was the best. it was probably the only one i watched because i thought no one could be better than kelly clarkson. {i bawled my eyes out when she won- didn't y'all?!}

until: this season.

i love this season: j-lo. she rocks everything she wears, says, and how she is. obsessed.

but truly, my top three are (in no particular order):

jessica sanchez. from the second i heard her sing- i knew she would be top 5. she is unbelievable. her voice, incredible. she will be famous one day no doubt.

philip phillips. wow. his voice is unreal- so unique + funky. and his humility! oh man! i love when he really gets after it and does that weird leg thing + the vein in his forward pops out!

josh ledet. good lord! i feel Jesus' presence fall when he opens his mouth! woah! boy needs to come out with a worship album.

who are your top three? do you think i'm wrong in mine?! let's debate :)



Jaimie said...

Jessica Sanchez hands down best voice out of everyone. As far as overall quality and control? No question...she beats them all! I really want her to win. I have never watched AI until this season and she is the only reason I am still watching! She's like a mini Beyonce. Love her!

And I want to make out with Phillip.

Elise's voice is not pleasing to me in any way. I don't even know how she is still in the competition! Talk about squeaky and nasally. Bleh.

Every week I think Holly is going home. She just has a lot of growing to do vocally. I was shocked when she made it through last week. Not a fan of her.

How can you not love Joshua! He is so talented but I don't think he has a whole lot of range with his style. He is an amazing gospel voice but I don't know if he is able to branch outside of that.

And I am so sad DeAndre went home! He really grew on me.

Okay wow. Brandon doesn't watch the show so obviously I have no one to talk to about it haha!

Jaimie said...

Oh and Colton bugs me. I feel like he tries too hard. His hair is the most hideous sight I have ever laid eyes on...such a turn off! He has a good voice but compared to the others it's nothing really special.

darien faith said...
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darien faith said...

Top 3 in order:
1. Philip--voice first. looks second. i love his style, and like you said he's funky. true artist. he's so unique, knows what kind of artist he is and stays to to that. plus, he looks good when he sings. shoot.
2. Elise--I do like her voice. she seems to be in on a roller coaster. i like her raspy-ness and her tone. she needs to pick it up, take jennifer's advice.
3. Joshua--he's got soul! shoot. some of his notes rub me the wrong way, but there is NO doubt he can sing.

I do like Jessica a lot, and no doubt, if her fans actually vote for her this week, she'll be in the comp until the end. she's powerful and has a voice for sure, but i like uniqueness in a voice, and she sounds like another whitney to me...and there is only 1. ha.
that's all :)
love ya jojo. thanks for postin.