Thursday, January 26, 2012

fancy friday: the giving keys.

i decided to start a weekly "fancy friday". this means: i'll be writing in on anything that tickles my fancy for the week! it could be a food, person, fashion, poem, picture, interview, design, company... you get the point!

to start off my "fancy friday" i have decided to let you in on a company that i'm fancy'ing: the giving keys.


this company is phenomenal. caitlin crosby is the owner, along with two homeless people she met in LA. she heard their story and wanted to give them a chance to get off the streets. so they developed a company that could do just that. every key you buy (that the homeless she employs make), is meant to be given away to someone who needs it. the concept: pay it forward.

they have a blog that has stories of the people who received/gave keys. i read the stories, sobbing, and loving what a simple concept, a key necklace with an encouraging word, does to people!

they make great presents (hint hint)! and the proceeds go fully to getting people off the streets. it's a beautiful thing.

fancy my friday and order yourself one. and another one for me!


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