Thursday, September 1, 2011

sweet september!

this is going to be an excellent month.

tomorrow- vegas to celebrate lil miss london's 1st birthday!

headed to california in a couple weekends to enjoy two beautiful wedding. one being my sweet friend jenna & her fiance davey:

and the other one is the lovely lacee lulu & her fiance chassion:
on the same visit - we are headed up to hang with the mitt's! cannnnnot wait to hang with my best!

this month, is also going to be a month of cooler weather (right Jesus?!)! so we can go on hikes, enjoy the lake, be outside and not melt!

my wonderful and fabulous mother will be celebrating another year of life (the 29th- don't you forget it! lol)! as well as my awesome father in law!

so much to look forward to! oh and did i mention... it's football season?!

what are you looking forward to for this month?


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fallon said...

i love september, one of my favorite months. but i think i'm more excited foroctober because i'll get to see you :)