Friday, August 26, 2011


dear closet thief,
i know you exist! i have lost multiple pieces of my favorite clothing....
-my nike work out capris!
-my argentina high waisted skirt!
-trav's fave khaki shorts!
-there's more but i can't think of it right now!
and i know i have moved cities and 2 different houses, and traveled a lot the past year so maybe they are somewhere in hawaii?! or portland?! maybe vegas?!?!? who knows?!
but i can't take all the blame! my closet is organized.
(picture to prove it!)
so please, dear closet thief, return my articles of clothing and we might be cool with each other again. i'll even let you borrow any pair of shoes your heart desires!

1 comment:

fallon said...

I have Trav's golf jacket from your trip to Portland!