Friday, September 23, 2011

fallin' in love...

it's that time of year again: where we bust out our scarves, boots, and beanies! when we sip on pumpkin spice lattes and have pumpkin bagels (adrianne :) ). where we see the seasons change and gladly welcome it. ladies and gentlemen- it's FALL!

some fall must gets on my fashion list are:


jacket & necklace

olivia- when aren't you cute?!?!
i'm loving those boots and jacket!

love everything here.
(i want that purse and booties ASAP!)

i'm sure i'm missing 100 pictures of things i want for the fall. but the sad truth is, is that it's still 107 here today :( so east coasters, pacific northwesters, please don't take this weather for granted! and post me some pics of your cutie fall fashion lists soon!

have a great weekend! XO

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Jacque and Chad said...

Miss you girlie!!! But like you I am excited for fall too!!