Thursday, September 29, 2011

fall bucket list

we all need a seasonal bucket list. here's mine for the fall:

1. knit 4 scarves, give away 2 to a shelter. and 2 for some friends.
2. throw a killer Halloween/harvest party.
3. learn 3 new soup recipes.
4. restore one piece of furniture (at least).
5. read 2 new books (any recommendations?!).
6. discover a new (favorite) restaurant.
7. do something new and fun with my husband that we haven't done together yet.
8. go to a new gym class (want to try a body pump one).
9. give away 5 things in my closet.
10. memorize five new scriptures.

last time i did a bucket list, i got engaged! lol nothing can really top that, but maybe this one will be somewhat memorable. post yourfall bucket lists! i want to see!


1 comment:

the brundages said...

I love this idea! I may need to set one for the coming year