Thursday, May 26, 2011

watermelon belly

i went grocery shopping Monday and the last thing i had to bring in from the car was the watermelon. i put it in front of my belly (pretending i was pregnant), walked from the car, up the stairs, in the heat into our apartment.
when it occurred to me- this is the journey of pregnancy mom's embark on! they carry a beautiful baby (which has to be hard work) for 9 months! i just walked from the car to my apartment and the watermelon wasn't even a baby and i was exhausted (it could have also attributed to my many trips to and from the car) i want to give a shout out.
to all you mothers or soon to be mamas out there, even though mother's day is over, i commend you. you are brave, beautiful and wonderful for carrying a prize in your belly. it is so worth it! thank you.


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Cody & Britt said...

i seriously just thought this was going to be some sort of announcement ;)