Sunday, May 29, 2011

lessler wedding!

since we got married (almost three months ago), we have been in a wedding each and to one last night! i LOVE it!

this one is fallon and alex's wedding which was in portland. me trav and fallon went to college together. me and fal got a lot closer after we graduated. travis and i started dating and fallon would talk to us about her future husband and little did we know- it would be so soon that they found each other!

the wedding was a BLAST! we had a great time escaping the heat and celebrating love. (sorry this post should be from the beginning of may- i'm so behind!)
(at bachlorette party in downtown portland- portland city grill! and an girl's only after party!)

(the reveal moment)

(my sexy date)

(at fal's wedding!)

(the lessler's and harper's together- the first of many times :) )