Friday, May 13, 2011

25 + beyond.

i cannot believe it has taken me so long to blog my 25th birthday!

i wasn't looking forward to the age but a girlfriend texted me the night before- and said, you're gonna be a quarter, and no one throws away quarters- they throw away dimes, pennies and nickels. i LOVED it and that simple sentence changed my perspective on 25! lol

started off @ 1am with a surprise of my mom- sister- niece- best friend- and mom's best friend. i was SHOCKED. they jumped on my bed!

then woke up to my handsome hubby who bought me some stunna shades.
(gold ray bans for my golden birthday.)

then off to breakfast at LGO where i met this guy...

(steve nash all you non-suns fans!)

then shopped around. had an amazing lunch at arcadia farms with trav's moms side of the family! it was a blast.

then came home and CHOPPED off my hair!

love it. so sassy.

then me and trav went to olive & ivy and had the sweetest spot on the nicest patio in town.

it was the perfect day. thank you all for loving me so good. and a special shout out to my mom for having me :)



Travis said...

Can't wait for beyond 25 with you... you long bobbed bucket of sass!

Lichen Frank said...

You didn't mention you ran into Mr. Nash?!!

Ashton + Brian said...

my husband would be so jealous of you...he is the biggest suns fan i know. his wall at his family's hosue in mesa is spray painted "go suns" from when he was like 7. hahah i will have to show him your picture!!

and cuuute hair!!!!!! makes me want to cut mine!