Saturday, April 16, 2011

36 hours

what a joy it has been to be me the last 36 hours. LOL

no really- i have had some fun... started off with egg decorating at work....

followed by some rehearsal dinner for the edwin's wedding. there is where i met this cutie.

we were kindly given her as our first pet (she was our centerpiece for the night). the boys got one and named their's marc jacobs. so they decided mine and trav's was kate spade. i drove home like i was driving home from the hospital with a newborn in my car. since she's our first pet, i must take the best care of her! we even had breakfast this morning. ha

and finally, the edwin's BEAUTIFUL outdoor wedding! sally made an exquisitely breathtaking (ya i just put those two words together) bride. and her husband kelsen didn't look so bad himself!:)

(more pics to follow)

trav was the best man and had the BEST speech. i'm so proud of my handsome hubby!

we are so excited for the edwin's as we will have many double dates together as newlyweds!

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Robyn said...

you have a great life~