Thursday, March 3, 2011

9 days!

Wow single digits! I can't believe it!
So Trav made my day all day! He surprised me and packed me a lunch for work and had lunch with me there!
When we first got engaged, my girlfriend Amanda recommended going out on a date the week of the wedding and just having fun!
So tonight was our date night before my MOH arrives tomorrow!
We had a list of to do's. We were going to try out a new restaurant but had so much planned - we ditched that idea and headed for In-N-Out!

Then went to Verizon and got my man to the 21st century with an iPhone! He loves it!

Then headed for a quick shopping spree at the lovely Nordstrom Rack! Got some cute stuff for the honeymoon :

(Obviously got some goodies ;)
A date night isn't complete without dessert! So we headed to Yogurtology! Yum yum.

It was so fun to be with Trav, no distraction (besides his new toy :) ) and just laugh. Thanks Amanda for the recommendation!

Love to all!

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Seth said...

So excited for you guys!
-ali marcus