Friday, March 4, 2011

8 days!

8 days! today, my MOH Jordan flew in! it's SO fun having her here!

then me, her and trav headed to my grandparents! we had dinner with them and it was so fun! we asked them what is their favorite part about marriage, and my grandpapa said he loves having someone there that he can trust and that he can be himself with!

it was funny cause then later, we asked how long they had been married. my grandmama goes, oh like 24 years... and we all looked at each other confused (since my parents have been married 26!). and then grandpapa goes 47 years! we laughed and i thought to myself, they really can be themselves (my grandmama losing it a little bit) and love each other through it all!

i can't wait to grow old with trav!

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